AOGNets - Compositional grammatical architectures for deep learning

This paper proposed a And-Or Graph network.

Intuition and Motivation

Unify and integrate building block. Build block is the basic component in popular network framework like Inception modules in GoogleNets and Skip-connections in ResNets.

To unify these building block, we need a good framework to exploit the compositionality, reconfigurability and lateral connectivity of these building modules. Here He use And-Or Grammar.


  • Terminal-nodes: group convolutions
  • And-nodes: concatenation
  • OR-nodes: summation
  • The hierarchy facilitates: like Deep Pyramid ResNets, leads to good balance between depth and width of networks.
  • The compositional structure provides much more flexible information flow
  • The lateral connections increase the depth of nodes on the flow without introducing extra parameters.

Building the framework

To build the and-or framework (building block), this paper implements a algorithm and pruning redundant node:

Think about it


  1. Auto-AndOrNets: Neural architecture search (NAS) search the structure of AndOrNet.
  2. AndOrNets to AOGTransformer
  3. AndOrNets to AOGReasoner: combine AOGNets and GraphCNNs for common sense reasoning. That combine vision and language.


I guess this work is just a new neural network that use the stochastic and-or grammar idea to “wrap” it. I guess it should be a flexible structure (adaptive network). We need a deformable and-or tree like Discriminatively trained and-or tree models for object detection. Can we use and-or grammar to solve parsing question? Different sentence has different structure. Maybe we can do reinforcement learning or unsupervising learning method to do grammar induction task.

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